Chromatic staff for Lilypond

I am modifying LilyPond to add support for chromatic staffs. A chromatic staff is based on the full set of 12 notes in the chromatic octave. Each of the twelve notes has its own position on the staff. Information on chromatic staves is available from the Music Notation Modernization Association.

I currently have a few chromatic staffs available. The staffs can be easily extended to cover a wider range of pitches, without recompiling Lilypond, however, the commands are a bit obscure. Likewise, it is easy to shift the staff so that the center is a different value, so D# so that it is an A-B Chromatic Notation. However, the notation is a bit obscure and not yet documented.

If you have problems viewing the LilyPond input files (anything with a filename suffix of ".ly") in your Web browser, instead of clicking on that link, save it to disk. (This operation depends on what operating system and browser you have; it might involve doing a right mouse-button click on the link and choosing "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As"). Then open it in a text editor to view the LilyPond input file. (Again, the operation is system-dependent; it might involve a right-mouse click on the file icon and "Open With...", then selecting an application such as WordPad on Windows.)

I have a number of alternative notations described in a table, which makes it possible to quickly produce any notation from the current file.

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